Published annually since 1998, InRoads is a professional looking, perfect-bound literary journal designed specifically as an open forum for the creative endeavors of participants in WITC. InRoads also acts as a bridge between our students and the larger Spokane community. For most of the participants, publication in InRoads marks their first opportunity to see their own work in print—a powerful positive reinforcement.


Cover Art:

Though the covers are designed by the InRoads managing editor, the art on the cover of each issue of InRoads is produced by a student from one of our WITC placements. Each winter, the InRoads managing editor holds a cover art contest, and selects a winner from among the entrants.


InRoads Submissions Guidelines:

InRoads accepts submissions from elementary schools, retirement communities, and every placement in between. However, because InRoads is a publication designed specifically to showcase work written by WITC participants, submissions are accepted only from students whose classrooms have a relationship with WITC. Submissions must be made through WITC interns, and all submissions MUST be accompanied by a standard publication agreement, which all WITC interns can provide.

Submissions are accepted from the beginning of each school year through March 15, though exceptions can be made for summer submission in some cases.

Unfortunately, due to space limitations, InRoads cannot publish all work submitted.


InRoads Release Party:

Every year during the first week of June, WITC hosts the InRoads Release Party at which all of our student writers are honored and thanked for their hard work. Additionally, published students are asked to read their work aloud. For many of our students, the release party is their first opportunity to present their work to an audience bigger than just their teachers and classmates. Every year, the readers are nervous and anxious, but every year they do a fantastic job!